Wow! What a Blessing!

Today I opened an envelope that had been sitting in my living room all weekend. It had no return address so I just thought it was junk mail. Boy was I wrong. I opened the envelope and there were letters from students from a school Project Daris visited last semester (the fall of 2018). But these were not just any letters. These were from older students who wrote how much our presentation meant to them. As I read each letter, a hope grew inside of me, a hope to change these students lives, inspiring each one of them to know they are important and they can make a difference. My heart is so full today with joy and gratefulness. Shannon

Hello world!

Miranda Combs from WKYT will be interviewing us on 1/4/2017 about our project! As of 1/3/2017 we have presented to approximately 12,545 students grades K-12 in the past year. Please keep our project in your prayers that we may continue to educate thousands more children on medication safety and substance abuse prevention. Our goal is that the State of Kentucky and the nation realizes our children need a daily lesson on medication safety and substance abuse prevention. If it’s only 10 minutes daily, one question, statement, learning point, our children deserve the educational investment.