Wow! What a Blessing!

Today I opened an envelope that had been sitting in my living room all weekend. It had no return address so I just thought it was junk mail. Boy was I wrong. I opened the envelope and there were letters from students from a school Project Daris visited last semester (the fall of 2018). But these were not just any letters. These were from older students who wrote how much our presentation meant to them. As I read each letter, a hope grew inside of me, a hope to change these students lives, inspiring each one of them to know they are important and they can make a difference. My heart is so full today with joy and gratefulness. Shannon

Author: Shannon Kennedy Garrett

Shannon worked as a pharmacist for 24 years until she felt called to do something to help end the drug epidemic. She is passionate about the children and feels they are the answer to ending this epidemic. Since most children today are being raised by relatives the children have seen first hand what drug addiction can do to their family. Therefore the children have a vested interest to say no to drugs and help end the drug epidemic. This is why educating students is where Shannon places all her time and energy. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2013, Shannon's entire perspective on life changed. She began a blog called Grow Thru It which you can find on Facebook. She feels this blog inspires people of all ages to grow through the hardships and experiences we all face. Shannon is married and has 3 children, ages 3 to 16.

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